Quality Policy

Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction

The quality policy of ACROSS LOGISTICS is based on satisfying the expectations of our customers and is based on the following principles:

  • To ensure that, the services provided to our customers are carried out in the optimal conditions and within the deadlines previously established with them.

  • To comply with the legal requirements of the regulations involved in our freight forwarding activity.

  • To have competent personnel for the execution of our activity.

  • To raise awareness among these personnel and encourage the importance of the work that each one of them performs in their common objective, which is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and interested parties.

  • To plan objectives to improve our quality management system, controlling risks to the quality of service, reduce costs or improve in those aspects less valued by our customers. These objectives will be reviewed annually, including a commitment of the organization for the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

For this, from the management of ACROSS LOGISTICS, we are committed to the review, communication and proper understanding of our quality policy, in addition to providing the necessary means to achieve the principles on which it is based.

Barcelona, September 3rd, 2020.


Vicente Castellano Montoro.

General Manager