Transportation and logistics for the Renewable
Energies sector

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Experts in transportation and logistics for the Renewable Energies sector

The renewable energy industry is a sector that requires quick response and flexibility. At Across Logistics we specialize in cargoes related to different types of projects, both the shipment for the initial assembly of the industrial plant/wind farm and the shipment of tools and spare parts for the maintenance of those already installed.
We study the needs of each company and material specifically, to offer a logistics solution that best suits the characteristics of the plant.
To carry out the complete logistics of a plant or project, we have extensive experience in special equipment where it is essential to have such experience when managing large loads to different remote parts of the world. We mark ourselves out in door-to-door deliveries both by sea and air through our offices in different countries, offering a complete service. For the shipment/replacement of tools and spare parts for maintenance, it is essential to have customs experience in both the country of origin and the destination country to make deliveries nimbly.

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