The logistics sector is essential to energize and strengthen the supply chain of many industries. The maritime logistics is one of the most demanded modes of freight transport by companies, due to the great advantages it offers.

As there are different types of cargo and/or goods, it is necessary to have a means of transport that adapts to the needs of each type. Break Bulk is an alternative offered by maritime logistics that facilitates this type of transport.

Read on and we will tell you what Break Bulk is and how it can help your company.



What is break bulk?

Break Bulk, also known as break bulk, is a system of transporting cargo in separate pieces instead of containers. It is typically used for individual items that are large and heavy in size and weight.

Breakbulk shipping is a common method used to successfully transport cargo or goods that do not fit into standard size containers or
cargo containers

Thus, cargo items such as machinery, engines, steel parts… are used in this type of breakbulk transport. High-cost goods that require special handling, care and transportation.

It is a fact that the use of containers is one of the most popular shipping methods, but in recent years break bulk cargo is becoming increasingly popular for the transport of large and heavy goods.


How does break bulk work?

Break bulk or break bulk cargo stores your goods in individual devices such as barrels, boxes… unit loads secured to pallets.

One of the great characteristics of this type of logistics is that Break Bulk vessels are equipped with special heavy lift cranes. that can handle these goods safely and faster than conventional port cranes, which makes the loading and unloading process faster and more efficient.


Advantages of Break Bulk

The Break Bulk maritime logistics method offers a series of very interesting advantages for certain sectors and industries. Here are some of the most important ones Take note!


Ideal for oversized cargo, heavy loads

Break Bulk is an ideal transport method for transporting large and heavy goods, without the need to divide the product to fit in a container, as the use of containers is eliminated and full chartering is chosen.

This is relevant in those industries that work with heavy materials and large dimensions.

The vessels have high capacity deck cranes and additional equipment necessary to load and unload these heavy or oversized products.


Cost savings

Thanks to the optimized loading space offered by the break bulk, shipping costs can be divided among several customers, making it more economical for them.


Environmental responsibility

For the same reason as mentioned above. Optimizing space and thus minimizing the number of shipments will mean less pollution.


Easy accessibility and download

Containers usually require high-capacity deck cranes to lift them off the ship and back on. In the case of Break Bulk, it can be unloaded easily and without the need for heavy cranes or specialized equipment at the port.


Increased speed

It is not necessary to organize containers in advance in order to store goods, since loading can be done directly on the ship. This makes them much faster and more efficient procedures.


In which type of transport is break bulk used the most?

Break Bulk can be seen in the
inland transport
although it is a growing trend in maritime transport. Cargo ships offer the space and qualities needed to transport large, heavy, high-volume goods over much greater distances than land transport.


Break Bulk Vessels

As with all logistics service the type of vessels determines the way of transportation, as well as the type of goods to be carried.

In the Break Bulk method we can find different types of vessels, among others, we can list the following:

  • Rolled Cargo. Known as Ro-Ro, they have ramps and platforms that help immobilize rolling goods.
  • General cargo. Also called multipurpose vessels. Used for the transport of dry and irregular cargo. Without containers.
  • Refrigerated. Vessels that have the relevant systems to have a special heat treatment.


Break Bulk Logistics

The Break Bulk alternative offers a necessary service for certain industries that require the transportation of special cargoes.
transportation of special cargoes


When is break bulk necessary?

The use of Break Bulk is more than advisable in the transport of large volume and heavy goods or cargo, which cannot share a single space with other types of goods.

Machinery, industrial parts, automobiles, etc… there is a wide range of products whose adequate logistic solution is the use of Break Bulk.


Evolution and future of break bulk cargo

There is no doubt that many goods that were being transported by container are turning to the Break Bulk alternative, especially because the costs are lower than the use of containers.

Therefore, the present and future trend revolves around the increased use of this logistics option, being a point of reference and priority for new companies.


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