Air transport is one of the most widely used, versatile and advantageous modes of transport compared to other transportation options. When we talk about air transportation we refer to the transportation service by means of aircrafts to move goods, passengers, etc. from one point to another…

Although the idea of air transport was initially linked to the transport of passengers, it has recently developed very effectively for the shipment of goods.

Within the logistics sector, air transport has been gaining ground and becoming one of the most demanded and used transport options.

In the transport of goods, a characteristic type of aircraft is used to achieve an efficient and safe transport service. They usually have several departments perfectly designed to be able to load goods in an optimal way to perform a first class air transport service.

The qualities of air transport make it perfectly suited to the needs of all types of industries and companies. Although other means of transport have traditionally been used for some types of goods, air transport has been modified and improved to become increasingly versatile and efficient.

To understand the growth of air transport in the logistics sector, it is necessary to understand its advantages and disadvantages, which will show us the reasons why it is becoming one of the most demanded means of transport.



Advantages of air transportation

To understand the importance of air transport, its special characteristics must be taken into account. This overlooks a number of advantages that are very attractive and perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each company.

What are these advantages? Here are the important advantages of air transport Take note!


Fast delivery times

Undoubtedly, one of the most advantageous features offered by air transport is its speedy delivery times.

There is no faster transport service than air transport. In addition, the frequency of flights makes delivery times very frequent and fast.


No Physical Limits

Air transport is the only means of transportation that does not support physical limits. Road transport, for example, must undergo different physical constraints that slow down delivery times.

It is one of the means of transportation that offers practically no interruption in its services, which is very attractive for companies.


Very reliable transportation

One of the great advantages of air transport for both passengers and goods is its great reliability.

Delays in delivery dates or loss of goods are options that can be very difficult to achieve with this means of transport.


Long Distances

No other means of transport in the logistics sector can cover such long distances as air transport. This is a great advantage for international trade, being able to cover long distances, impossible for road or sea transport.



Disadvantages of air transport

Although the advantages of air transport are very attractive and define a totally unbeatable type of service, it is also possible to define a series of disadvantages that should be analyzed to determine whether air transport is appropriate or whether it is preferable to consider other types of transport, such as sea transport.


Higher Cost

There is no doubt that air transport is the least economical means of transportation compared to other types of transport.

The cost of infrastructure, fuel… makes air transport economically superior to other alternatives.

It is important to know how to analyze and calculate the economic and logistical performance to know if it is the ideal option to be used.


Less storage capacity

Storage capacity is lower than land and sea transport. This is a clear disadvantage, air transport is ideal for medium or low loads, but is not so attractive for large volumes of goods.


Restrictions on goods

Air transport, due to its specific characteristics, cannot carry certain products or goods. It suffers from certain restrictions, especially in liquid products such as petroleum, oils, etc…



In which cases is air transport the best option?

After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of airfreight, you may have doubts about whether or not it is the best option for your company. If you’re wondering when air transport is the best option , here are some clues.

  • Urgent shipments. For urgent shipments, air transport is the best possible option. In any situation of urgent need of goods, this means of transport is a more efficient solution.
  • Difficult to access destinations. The airplane can reach areas that are very difficult to access and cannot be reached by other means of transportation.
  • Perishable goods. For the transport of perishable goods, air transport is the safest and most efficient.