The life cycle of a logistics process requires taking into account certain actions and characteristics so that everything follows the appropriate order to achieve the desired objectives.

The international distribution of goods is a complex task that requires knowledge and experience in order to deal with the different technical and bureaucratic procedures required for this type of activity.

Within this functional context of the logistics sector, the figure of the Freight Forwarder is essential to raise international transport to a new level.

Let’s take a look at what a Freight Forwarder is and all the advantages it offers in international logistics Take note!


What is a freight forwarder

When a company decides to export or import a product, it discovers that there are a large number of processes and obligations to comply with in international transportation.

It is at this point that the work of a Freight Forwarder is important… but what exactly is a Freight Forwarder?

A Freight Forwarder, also known as a freight forwarder, is an intermediary organization between the client who hires it and the transportation and logistics services linked to the goods arriving at their destination.

The Freight Forwarder is in charge of managing and coordinating all actions, tasks and services related to logistics and transportation services necessary for the cargo to reach its destination.

He/she is knowledgeable about everything related to the international market, from regulations and laws to the different costs and timing.

Therefore, we are talking about a resource that improves and facilitates the shipment of goods to international soil guaranteeing the best possible process.

Let us remember that its work is merely intermediary, it is in charge of the logistics operation on behalf of the client and also provides advisory and consulting services.


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Functions of a freight forwarder

A large part of a Freight Forwarder’s work is office work, where he will be in charge of managing everything related to the transportation of his clients’ goods.

Therefore, its functions are very varied, among others we can highlight the following:


Prepare and organize means of transportation

You must organize the best means of transport for your customers according to their needs and the type of goods they wish to transport.


Search for the best option to save costs

As mentioned above, Freight Forwarder professionals have a high knowledge of the logistics sector, which allows them to know the costs and prices of all services associated with the transportation of goods.

Having detailed information and data on ports, timeframes and port facilities makes it easier for them to identify the best value for money service.


Bureaucratic responsibilities

They are responsible for the organization and compilation of documentation related to the transport of goods and logistics, as well as their management.

Here it is possible to list a number of important functions:

  • Defense of the client’s interests.
  • Completion and processing of the necessary documentation for the transport of goods.
  • Billing
  • Offer distribution facilities.
  • Organization of cargo transportation to the port.
  • Assist your customers with documentation.
  • Comply with all responsibilities according to international conventions.



Advantages of having a freight forwarder

In a competitive market, one of the qualities that can make a business rise above the rest is offering a strong competitive advantage.

Having a Freight Forwarder provides a series of advantages that will give greater solidity to a company’s production process:


On-time pick-up and delivery

One of the great advantages of hiring a Freight Forwarder is the great professionalism, from the planning of the transport process to the delivery. Efficiency throughout the life cycle of the transportation process.



The most significant advantage of contracting this type of services is that they offer maximum security. They have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure maximum safety at all stages of the shipment of goods.


More economical services

The knowledge of the costs of the different services required allows them to choose the best option for each case, always looking for the best quality/price ratio.


Accurate documentation

International transports require the handling and management of certain documentation. Any failure or error in this documentation may result in the failure of the shipment.

A Freight Forwarder service acts with professionalism and meticulousness in everything related to the different procedures linked to the transport of goods, in addition to following everything stipulated by law.



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