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With the grant obtained, Across Logistics has been able to carry out process improvement and digitalization projects that have allowed closing important contracts with new clients.

The success story that is presented consists of carrying out a tailor-made project for the client for which one of the warehouses at the Across Logistics facility in Ribarroja has been refurbished and adapted.

The technology implemented, together with the in-depth study of the operating process, have made it possible to meet customer expectations in terms of time and costs in the reception, order preparation and transport processes.



Across Logistics, which already offers storage services at its Valencia facility, expands the range of services with its e-Commerce solution.

Thanks to the technology implemented and the know-how developed, Across Logistics guarantees competitive stock management and processes.

With the grant obtained, we have been able to carry out this project.




At Across Logistics, 2020 has been a year of great changes and adaptation. In September 2019, the important decision was made to change the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) opting for a 100% web solution and more flexible to the rapid changes in the market.

With the arrival of COVID, the world has been paralyzed in a situation of instability and uncertainty. Many companies in the sector have been affected and have had to adapt to a new reality in a very short time. The way of working has changed, and digitization has been the key to survival.

In this scenario, Across Logistics has been able to continue offering a competitive service by quickly making decisions and relying on the latest technological resources. The ERP has been the key piece to achieve this success. Thanks to the grant obtained, we have been able to make this important change.


At Across Logistics we study the management and logistics needs of each client and offer them the best solution for their logistics warehousing, adapting to their needs at all times, optimizing their processes and reducing operating costs. Working with clients like Amazon supports us. This sector is very demanding in the speed of response, at Across Logistics we can guarantee that our logistics warehouse complies with this requirement thanks to the integration of software in all logistics areas, which allows us to be fast and efficient when serving orders as well as having a very accurate and reliable inventory, and with the great help of an accurate incident management and the provision of quick solutions. Our goal is to become a logistics partner; manage all aspects of eCommerce logistics so that the customer only has to worry about selling their products and, in this way, being able to optimize costs and increase profits. We offer the following services:

We store, prepare and transport, we offer a global logistical support. We can offer all the existing processes in eCommerce.

We store products safely in our warehouses: Our Warehouses in Valencia are highly prepared to store all kinds of goods. We offer the storage and custody of the merchandise, reception and checking.

We can offer the stock management that best suits our clients: We adapt to the needs of stock control and inventory of the client’s merchandise. We have the ability to integrate with our clients’ ERP platform, which greatly facilitates the transmission of information between all parties involved.

We prepare the orders and pack them: We perform stock picking & packaging tasks, verify the final product and label it for dispatch. We have a layout and organization of the optimal stock for this task, in addition to high flexibility in order preparation.

We take care of the distribution and delivery to the end customer: We optimize the management of the last mile by establishing strategies in the delivery conditions so that there are the least number of incidents. We also have the capacity to make international deliveries.

Returns management: We integrate reverse logistics as one more operation in the warehouse service. We establish quality control and location management procedures after receipt of this type of merchandise. We provide support for the management of guarantees and returns, transport incidents or possible claims. We also make sure to collect as much information as possible to assess why they have occurred and we try to prevent them.


Thanks to the subsidy obtained, we have been able to improve and develop the part of the company ERP that refers to the work management of the sales department.

We have improved the quality of information: salespeople can see their numbers more easily, they can make better decisions, support customers in new projects and attack new market areas that were previously difficult to see clearly.



Some functionalities of the ERP warehouse management module have been developed to be able to use it as an WMS.

With this solution we have been able to start working with a first warehouse software that has helped us to better organize the warehouse layout, have more control over the stock and improve communication with customers through confirmation reports on entry / exit from commodity.

We have also used the Extranet to show customers their stock present in our facility.

We have also invested in hardware and boosted the connection of the installation for the use of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) necessary to manage the stock in the warehouse buildings.



The most important project of this year and in which the support of IVACE has been very important to implement it in the short term, has been the Security project.

We have improved the security of company information through latest technological tools.

The investment in hardware on the one hand and digital tools on the other, has allowed us to work in a more secure and protected environment. For our clients, this aspect is a very important issue to consider, especially in such a digitalized world, where opening the file of a suspicious email can put at risk the structure of an entire company.


With the subsidy obtained we have been able to finance the Operations Project. This project has focused on improving communications between departments and with Across Logistics clients.
Automations have been developed that have reduced manual work and the number of personnel involved in managing a file.
Communication with customers has also been improved through standard reports to report the departure / arrival of a container or its custom clearance.
All this information has been reflected in a platform with web access that we call Extranet where customers have been able to access through a link visible on our website and see the details related to their shipments.
Through this project we have automated the management processes of shipments, such as the request for booking, the sending of transport orders and the management of shipping instructions through a direct connection with the software platforms of most of the ports of Spain.